Recreational Gymnastics


Recreational Gymnastics (Girls)

For girls kindergarten through high school, we have classes that will teach gymnastics basics as well as provide exercise and FUN!  We use all of the traditional gymnastics equipment, including our in-ground trampoline, 40 foot long tumbling trampoline, and our huge foam pit!  Kids love learning new skills and since we teach by progression, you can be confident that your kids are as safe as possible, learning skills appropriate for their level.  Classes are designed such that kids about the same age are together, then within the class they are split into groups based on their gymnastics level.  This way everyone works to their ability and learns at their own pace.  Coordination, social skills, goal setting and achieving and so much more are gained from these classes.   Fun and challenging! Teacher : student ratio = 1:8 max

Boys Gymnastics

Fun, fun and more fun!  Boys gymnastics classes aren’t for wimps!  It’s all about strength and power, and the boys in our classes are developing just that!  No balance beams for these guys!  Trampoline, rings, parallel bars, tumble trak, pommel horse and more are used in our boys class.   You’ll build strength, body awareness and control, coordination, and skills like working together through the activities done in this class.  It’s not surprising that we have SO many parents tell us years later that their boy is a superstar in soccer, baseball, basketball, football, etc., because of the agility, speed and strength they got from our boys class!  All boys 6 and up are welcome! Teacher : student ratio = 1:8 max.


Special Needs Gymnastics                                                                This class is designed for those requiring special attention.  It focuses on basic gymnastics skills, balance, gross and fine motor coordination, personal development, character development and lots of fun!  Designed for those with special needs including, but not limited to, any Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, and physical disabilities.  Children learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and are encouraged to participate and progress at their own rate.  Ages 5 and up.

Note: Students with Down Syndrome must have a medical release from a physician prior to participation.  

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