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If you ask any athlete what would make them perform at their particular sport better many of them would answer, “I need to get faster.” As a performance expert I hear that sentence in a different way.  Running a 40-yard dash faster is not an indication of how well someone will move on a field of play.  I help athletes from a variety of perspectives including speed, quickness, agility, strength, explosivity, turning techniques, center of balance and flexibility.  To meld all these into one athlete makes that athlete faster, stronger and more confident.  In short better than their competition.

Build Speed

Speed takes on many different definitions depending on the sport or activity an athlete is involved in.  It is all out speed over a given distance or getting from A to B as quickly as possible.  It is also the ability to start, stop and change direction.  You will learn proper form and technique for running effectively.  Learn different techniques for moving in different directions.  Learn how to stop effectively and change directions as well.  Another aspect to work on is coordination and agility because speed without control is an ineffective athlete.

Build Strength

Strength training has to be very sport specific.  The same strength it takes to move a 300 lb lineman isn’t the same strength it takes to kick a soccer ball or fly over hurdles.  Each strength program is designed with the specific sport in mind and the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses being addressed. Building strength is much more than hitting the weight room. It’s about learning to use your strength to your advantage and moving your body in an effective manner because you are under control.

Build Confidence

Confidence is knowing you are prepared for your sport from every perspective.  When you are properly prepared physically, your emotional well-being is also prepared for competition.  Having confidence is a direct result of preparing your body and your mind to work in conjunction to make you the most effective athlete you can be.  Sports Xtreme helps build that confidence through proper preparation and effective training techniques.

Enroll in your choice of class....the Sports Xtreme weekly class is available, as are private lessons.  Cost = $115 for each 8 week session.  (NOTE:  As of 8/15 we are not offering the 8 week class, but privates lessons and small groups are still available.)  Or you can choose to enroll as a team or small group or do private training.  See prices below for those options.  Design your own success!!

Pricing for Training Sessions: Group Sessions   $80.00/8-week session
(6 athlete minimum)
Private Sessions   $35.00/30 min.

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