We offer awesome tumbling classes for kids who are interested in just that, either just for fun, or to help with cheerleading. Kids learn quickly in these classes, as we break skills down into parts to teach the whole.

tumblingBeginning Tumbling: 

Covers rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers, backhandsprings and more.  The perfect first class for basic tumbling skills.

Intermediate Tumbling:

Requires that you can do a roundoff-backhandspring by yourself first so we can teach you to connect it to other skills in this class!  Front tumbling and aerials are taught here, too!

Advanced Tumbling:

Flipping, flipping and more!  You need a roundoff-backhandspring back tuck to be able to join this class, and you will learn fast and fun tumbling passes.  Taught by our competitive team tumbling coaches, you get the best we have to offer in our tumbling classes!

Backhandspring Clinic:

This is where you learn that ever-so-important backhandspring!  You’ll do drills and more drills until you have every part of the handspring…then you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can put them together into the actual skill!  Come to Arcadia to learn backhandsprings the RIGHT way…the SAFE way.  Hundreds of kids have had success getting this skill through our backhandspring class, come be one of ‘em!

*NEW for Fall 2013:  Trampoline and Tumbling Class:  (T&T)  ages 6 and up 

This is a new and exciting co-ed class here at Arcadia where kids will learn trampoline safety, individual skills and combinations.  This is for kids who love to bounce, fly, spin and have lots of fun.  T&T is an Olympic sport now and is gaining popularity in our country.  Bouncing skills are great for developing core strength, kinesthetic and spatial awareness.  All of the T&T events help to build confidence, courage, concentration and discipline.  Our in-ground trampoline will be used, along with the Tumble Trak and spring floor.  Skill training for this sport involves conditioning and drills for learning new skills.  Trampoline and tumbling are also great cross training sports for divers, skiers, skateboarders and parkour participants.  

CheerNastics:       ages 6-10

This is basically a tumbling class for those who are, or want to be, cheerleaders.  BUT, in addition to the tumbling, time is also spent on learning how to do jumps for cheer and on leg strengthening exercises to make jumps and tumbling easier!  It's the best preparatory class for beginning cheerleaders.  Also can be a fantastic second class per week to help build tumbling skills faster!!

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